Play and Practice at Home

Easy set-up Internet, Camera, 3 gaming balls & off you go!
Motivates kids to do their therapy homework
Your therapist can manage progress on the exercises your child does at home Read More

Timocco Professional Edition

Timocco Professional Edition:
• Revolutionary training programs
• Chosen by professionals around the world
• Advanced analysis tools
• Manage each child progress

  • The children thoroughly enjoy it; they like the predictability and it engages and motivates them in a way other activities don’t. I also find it to be an excellent way of getting them exercising without realising they’re doing it! Timocco is a fantastic tool and I would definitely recommend it to other schools; not just those specialising in autism either, it is really useful across the board.
    Caroline Bulmer, Resident OT, Queensmill School

  • We use Timocco with both our sons. Enno, 5 years old, plays it with enthusiasm and Timo, 8 years old, is mentally disabled due to a severe epileptic disorder. We encourage the children to play Timocco on a regular basis, so it has become a fixed component of our weekly schedule. We are enthused by the simplicity of the program and the child-friendly design.
    Anja and Heiko Harms, Parents

  • Growing with Timocco is an effective biofeedback tool that is fairly simple and easy to operate. I found Growing with Timocco very effective in creating an entertaining and intensive training environment for the arms, often leading the client to exceed his/her comfortable range of motion or pace of movement.
    Dr. Nativ, President of the NeuroGym Rehabilitation Centre

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