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Timocco’s cutting-edge motion games motivate kids at home and in therapy

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  • Timocco helps kids with Developmental Coordination Disorder... Read more
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  • It’s fun for kids and easy-to-use for their parent-therapist teams.

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We recently purchased Timocco for my spastic diplegic 4-year-old and he loves it. Therapy is no more a burden for him when it comes to Range of Motion exercises. Thanks for the wonderful software!


S. from India, Parent

Timocco has been an excellent addition to my lessons; as well as increasing the students’ fine motor skills and awareness of cause and effect, it’s a fun and engaging activity that they can really enjoy.

Katie Chapman, Charlton Park Academy

Timocco has helped Maya improve motor planning, motor accuracy, eye-hand coordination, midline crossing, physical strengthening and cognitive skills like understanding complex commands.

Renana Yefet, OT

Tomer’s progress—from complete inability to participate in spacial activities to active participation for a length of time—was astonishing.  Not only was he willing to participate in activities, at the beginning of a session he explicitly asks to play by saying: “Monkey, monkey”.

Avital Ya’akovi, OT

Ben was highly motivated to play the games and as a result, he used his weaker hand constantly and for longer periods of time. He played, succeeded, had fun and most of all, worked on strengthening his upper extremities and learned to believe in his abilities.

Developmental PT

Within a few months Hen-lee demonstrated improvement in her upper extremity movements and visual performance. She initiates more movements with her right hand and is successful in games that require visual discrimination.”

Noa Nitzan, OT

I am very impressed with the games themselves. The content was brilliantly designed. The games are fun, friendly, and engaging for the children in a developmentally appropriate way. It is very refreshing.

Yita Rimmer, OT

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  • New Plan: Teamwork!

    Make sure you play this one with two people, whether it is an adult and child, or two peers working together. This plan is a great option for a Speech or OT small group for be played on an interactive whiteboard! Who is it for? The “Teamwork” Plan is designed for children between the developmental […]

  • New Plan: Cause And Effect!

    Are you looking for a plan to help familiarize younger students with how Timocco is played and help build the basic relationship of “I do this, and something happens”? If so, this Functional/ IEP-based Plan is for you! Who is it for? Designed for children between the developmental ages of 3-5 who have difficulty comprehending […]

Track and chart player performance and development with Timocco's Progress Tool

Monitoring progress across four key skills: bilateral coordination, midline crossing, hand-eye coordination and attention.
The data is crunched into easy-to-read graphs illustrating motor efficiency, reaction speed, and play duration.
Heat-map charts reflecting the child’s movements and recorded hand-motion patterns can be played back to view a child’s progress.
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